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BT Phone Number - 08700420392

0870 0420 392

BT Customer Services – BT Helpline

For problems with BT TV, BT Sport and BT Broadband Internet services.

Contact BT  Customer Services by calling 08700420392 at 13p/min plus access charge, or use their own their own phone number 0330 123 4567 .

BT Telephone Number / Customer Services Number – 08700420392

This website is a telephone directory/call routing service and is not in any way affiliated with any of the business entities listed.
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ABOUT BT GROUP(British Telecommunications plc)

BT commands numerous subsidiary companies that are large. BT Global Services division supplies telecoms services to corporate and government customers worldwide, and its BT Consumer office supplies approximately 18 million customers with broadband, telephony, and subscription television services in Great Britain. BT declared in February 2015 that it’d agreed to acquire EE for £12.5 billion, and received final regulatory approval from the Competition and Markets Authority on 15 January 2016. The trade was completed on 29 January 2016.inital subscription television company. In 2014, after completing the acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, the merged company switched its name to Sky plc.[9] Sky is recorded on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It had a market capitalisation of about £18.75 billion (€26.76 billion) as of 2015. Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox owns a 39.14 per cent controlling stake in the firm.

BT’s origins date back to the foundation of the Electric Telegraph Company in 1846 which developed a national communications network. In 1912, the General Post Office, a government department, became the monopoly telecoms supplier in the United Kingdom. The Post Office Act of 1969 led to the GPO becoming a public corporation. Trading as British Telecom, British Telecommunications, was formed in 1980, and became independent of the Post Office in 1981. British Telecommunications was privatised in 1984, becoming British Telecommunications plc, with some 50 percent of its shares sold to investors. The Government sold its remaining stake in 1993 and 1991 in additional share sales.
BT is the world’s most recognized communications firm employing 90,000 people across 180 nations which offers a world of possibilities for all internationally . We help individuals to communicate anywhere, at any given moment and with any technology they need.

Known as a significant technology player who pioneers the electronic progress that drive and shape the information age BT help people collaborate create and convey better than before.

We realize that you do n’t make career decisions casually – neither do we! We need those who can reach their potential within a culture of opportunity that inspires individuals to aim high, whilst giving them tools and all the support they must triumph.

BT Group is a holding company; almost all of its own companies and assets are held by its wholly owned subsidiary British Telecommunications plc. BT’s businesses are operated under special authorities regulation by the British telecoms regulator Ofcom (once Oftel). BT has been found to have substantial market power in some markets following market reviews by Ofcom. In these markets, BT must comply with added duties such as meeting with reasonable requests to provide services and to not discriminate.

BT runs trunk network the telephone exchanges and local loop connections for a large proportion of British fixed line telephones. Now BT is liable for about 28 million telephone lines in GB. It’s also obliged to provide public call boxes.

In addition to continuing to provide service in those traditional areas in which BT has an obligation to provide services or is carefully regulated, BT has grown into more lucrative merchandise and services where there is less regulation. All these are mostly, broadband bespoke solutions and internet service in telecommunications and data technology.
BT Group began running after the Telecommunications Act 1984 as a private corporation.

During the 1990s, involving the loosening of national telecom monopolies along with the current (mostly) liberalised marketplace, BT Group entered into numerous alliances so that you can serve its mostly, afterward, UK-based multi national customers. From the 90’s through the early 2000s, BT Group, then called British Telecom, struggled. The firm had significant debt, struggled to grow globally, and failed to procure a powerful partner. In 2002 the effort at a coalition (Concert 2 with AT&T) was disbanded. By late 2003, around 50% of BT Global Services’ about 5,000 staff were used outside the UK

BT GROUP(British Telecommunications plc)  ONLINE RESOURCES

You can find the BT on their official Youtube Social Profile / Channel:


Address BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications,
PLC 81,
Newgate Street,
 Official Website
 Tech Support
0800 800 151
 Cloud Tech Support
0800 500 3114
 Complaints 0207 356 5000

More BT Contact Phone Numbers(0800, 0344, 0870, 0333,0843)

BT Billing Support Enquiries Number 0800 433 311
BT Cloud Enquiries Number 0800 500 3114
BT ID Enquiries Number 0800 707 6310
BT Landline 0800 800 511
BT SmartTalk Enquiries Telephone Number 0800 011 3845
BT TV, BT Broadband / Email 0800 111 4567
Cancellations 0800 783 1401
Customer Services / Complaints Hotline /Technical Support / 0800 800 150
Head Office Telephone Number 0207 356 5000
Switch to BT or Change Address (Moving Home / Migrating Service) 0800 100 400

BT Contact Number for Personal Accounts 0800 800 150

Questions and general concerns on personal accounts may be forwarded to BT contact number 0800 800 150. If dialing from a BT mobile, phone BT customer number 150. A few of the concerns managed by customer support in this number tracking are transforming and cancelling an order. Assess it’s also possible to login to your own BT account on the internet to cancel and change orders. Click the Lost BT ID link and you’ll be requested to put in your BT telephone number or email in the event you forgot your BT ID. Just in case you forgot your password, click the Lost Password link. Put in your username in order to recover or reset your password.

It’s also possible to monitor your order without logging in utilizing the tracker that is on-line. Put in your postcode as well as your order sales or reference benchmark and click track order. The benchmark number was sent to you personally via e-mail when your order was made by you . It’s also possible to download the BT program on Google Play for Android users and iTunes for iOS users to assess and get your account while away from home.

BT Customer Number for Private Sales 0800 100 400
You also want to place an order or for those who have questions regarding the services and products made available by BT to private customers, phone BT customer number 0800 100 400. It’s also possible to assess their offerings on their site for sport, TV, broadband, house telephone and cellular telephone.

This can be also the BT phone number to call when you yourself really have broadband supplier or an existing telephone and you also prefer to proceed to BT. You may even go for this website in changing your services to get more info about your choice. You also desire to take your BT products and services along with you and should you be going home, make them know when you establish your moving date by phoning this BT contact number. It’s also possible to do that on-line by filling the house form that is moving here.

Put in your contact number, BT account number, postcode and transferring date. Should you desire to talk about your move through this process, BT helpline chat can be available.

BT Help Number for Grievances/Complaints 0800 800 152 Free Number
Companies with grievances may dial BT help 0800 800 152 number that is free. They could also telephone BT contact number cellular telephone 152 if connecting from a BT telephone that is mobile. If it’s about criticisms on faults, phone customer care criticism number that is BT BT number UK 0845 600 156 or 0800 800 154 free number for company charging criticisms. Letter of criticisms also can be sent to BT customer care address:

Private customers with grievances may phone BT customer support contact number 0800 800 150 free number. BT telephone may be called by those with faults problems fault  number 0800 800 151 free number. You may even send a letter to the exact same address above but direct it instead to:

Customer Service Supervisor, BT Customer Correspondence Centre.

BT payphone grievances might be forwarded to BT helpdesk 0800 661 610 number that is free.

Other ways to contact BT

If you not content using the solution or response given to you personally, you could escalate your grievances to the office of the Ombudsman that manages BT grievances that are open. Do this only in the event the grievance continues to be left open since you let BT understand about it, and it’s been 8 weeks. In the event you received a deadlock letter permitting you to realize that there’s nothing more that they may do about your unique criticisms you could also forward your complaints. You could possibly call them at 0330 440 1614 by telephone or via textphone at 0330 440 1600. An alternative would be to send a letter to the next address to them:

Phone BT number for cancellation 0800 783 1401 free number should you desire to cancel your service. Dial 44 179 359 6931 instead if phoning from abroad.

BT Helpline for BILLING/CHARGES 0800 443 311 Free Number
BT helpline may be called by private customers for charging 0800 443 311 free number for many of their charging concerns. Automated charge service can be accessible by dialing BT contact telephone number 0800 085 2819. Payment could be made by you or check your balance here. Additionally, there are various ways on the way your BT statements could be paid by you. One is by logging in to your own BT account online and also setting up direct debit or making a one time payment. The latter can additionally be performed online without being forced to login to your own account. Visit and input your BT account number and credit or debit card information.

Payment may even be made via bank transfer and you’ll need the following info for this:

Sort code: 20-00-00
    BT bank account number: 00375853

It’s also possible to send your check payment to the next address: Telephone Payment Centre, Durham, DH98 1BT. Ensure that you cover your accounts punctually to prevent late payment of £7.50. Company customers may dial BT help number 0845 600 6156 for questions and their charging concerns. International charging concerns on the other hand might be directed 0800 672 331 free number.



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