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DHL Phone Number - 08700420431

0870 042 0431

Contact the DHL Customer Care UK /Services Department directly by calling 0870 0420 431 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 0345 072 0278 .

You can use this number to track a DHL parcel(UK) or delivery and also to complain about lost or damaged packages. To Track A Parcel Call 0870 0420 431 at 13p/min and say “track a parcel” using the speech recognition telephone system, you will be able to track a DHL PArcel.

DHL Telephone Number/ Track A DHL PARCEL / Customer Services Number / Helpline 08700420431

This website is a telephone directory/call routing service and is not in any way affiliated with any of the business entities listed.
Please note that calls to our 08700 numbers cost 13p/minute and our 08717 numbers cost 13p/minute, plus your phone company’s access charge where applicable.Our site also provides alternative numbers that include the official numbers as found in their respective websites and other sources.
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DHL Express is a department of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post DHL supplying international express mail services. Deutsche Post DHL is the planet ‘s biggest logistics company running in air and sea mail, especially all over the world.

Founded in America in 1969 to deliver files between Honolulu and San Francisco; its service expanded from the late 1970s through the planet. The business was mainly thinking about international and intercontinental deliveries, but their particular intra was prompted by the success of FedEx -US growth beginning in 1983.

DHL was subsequently efficiently born by Deutsche Post into its Express office, while enlarging the usage of the DHL brand to other Deutsche Post offices, business units and subsidiary companies. Now, DHL Express shares its DHL brand including DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding.

Options for an almost unlimited amount of logistics needs. having a work force exceeding 340,000 workers, we

Our Organisation

Express deliveries world-wide; freight forwarding with trains, trucks, boats and airplanes; warehousing services which go beyond just storage, but contain everything international mail deliveries; specialized and customized transportation – it’s about DHL, if it’s all about logistics.


DHL Express carries goods and pressing records faithfully as well as on time from door to door in more than 220 countries and territories, and manages the most complete international express network.

Global Forwarding, Cargo

In its day-to-day company DHL Global Forwarding manages various customers’ logistics wants, from standardized logistics businesses and multi-modal transportation options to industrial jobs that are highly personalized.

Supply Chain

We’re focused on support European based businesses by taking a top position in customer focus along with caliber of service, and by giving a built-in product and service portfolio for the exchange of communications, advice and low weight things.





Address DHL Express
Orbital Park
178-188 Great South West Road
 Official Website
 DHL Complaints Phone Number  844 248 0844
 DHL Head Office
08444 771100
 Customer Services
0844 248 0844


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