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EDF Energy Phone Number - 08717890729 - Customer Service Team


Contact Customer Services by calling 08717890729 at 13p/min plus access charge, or use their their own phone number 01138207118.

EDF Energy Telephone Number / Customer Services Number – 08717890729

This website is a telephone directory/call routing service and is not in any way affiliated with any of the business entities listed.
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EDF Energy Customers (trading as EDF Energy) is entirely possessed by the French state-owned EDF (Électricité de France) and was formed in 2002 following the acquisition and amalgamations of SEEBOARD Plc (formerly the South Eastern Electricity Board), London Electricity Plc (formerly the London Electricity Board or LEB), SWEB Energy Plc (previously the South Western Electricity Board) and two coal-fired power stations and a combined cycle gas turbine power station.

In 2009, EDF Energy took control of the UK nuclear generator, British Energy, purchasing share capital in the authorities. This made EDF Energy among the UK’s greatest generators,[2] as well as the largest supply network operator.

The Development Branch of EDF Energy was formed in bringing together the different infrastructure interests of what were LE Group, SEEBOARD and SWEB. The Development Division of EDF Energy was afterwards broken up in October 2006.

We hold a Standards of Conduct Advisory Panel with honored third parties such as Which?, National Energy Action (NEA) and Citizens Advice which helps educate the actions we should try treat customers fairly and develop our services and products to best fulfill their requirements. These meetings are attended by our Customers Business Managing Director, Manager of Sales and Marketing and Manager of Consumer Operations.
High standards for each customer

We’ve put various measures in place for our sales teams to assist them give customers the exact same high degree of service whenever, and nevertheless, they get in touch with us. This includes better training and monitoring, as well as a customer satisfaction survey which goes to everyone after they’ve completed the process of joining us. In addition, we give our staff motivators to concentrate on conformity and quality – not merely based on just how many calls they can make, or how many tariffs they can sell.
Tackling complaints head on

About EDF Energy Customer Devotion

We set up a complaints improvement programme to ensure we handle complaints more efficiently, and reduce incidents where we think a grievance’s concluded, but the customer doesn’t. Our grievance management is concentrated on customer consequences that were positive, shutting our Senior Management and the ‘resolution gap’ take liability for identifying, addressing and preventing future grievances. We’re pleased to say that other attempts we’ve made and this have reduced the amount of complaints we get. To September 2015 we had criticisms that are 24% less than January 2015 from January 2016 to September 2016. Citizens Advice has also ranked us second for complaints handling amongst the major suppliers (and fourth out of 22 providers overall) in its Q3 2016 Residential Criticisms League Table. Demanding the best from everyone we work with Today’s energy market isn’t just about suppliers. Other types of company, like cost comparison sites, are also interacting with customers. We anticipate anyone who works for us to have the same high standards as our personal. So we’ve set additional quality checks on sales that go through third parties to make sure that’s the case in position. We conform to Ofgem’s Standards of Conduct and will just work with selected third parties we believe are honest.




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Address  EDF Trading (Global headquarters)
3rd Floor, Cardinal Place
80 Victoria Street
United Kingdom
 Official Website
 Pre-Payment Meters enquiries
 Electric Meters enquiries 01138207118
 Billing enquiries 01138207118


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