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Saffron Insurance Phone Number - 0871 789 5415

0871 789 5415

Contact the Saffron Insurance Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 0871 789 5415 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 1799514144 .

Saffron Insurance Telephone Number / Customer Services Number




19a – 21 Great Colman Street

01473 557529


9 Bond Street
Norfolk NR27 9DA

01263 586125


Spires Insurance
The Royal
18 Upper King Street

01603 964074


29 High Street
Cambridgeshire CB7 5HA

01353 722588


4 Kneesworth Street
Hertfordshire SG8 5AA

01763 248711

Saffron Walden

22 High Street
Saffron Walden
Essex CB10 1AX

01799 522293


2 High Street
Suffolk CB9 8AX

01440 702633

Great Dunmow

Clayton House
12 High Street
Great Dunmow
Essex CM6 1AG

01371 872223


H.J. Pook Insurance
59 High Street

01621 892121

Bishop’s Stortford

3 Church Street
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 3LY

01279 757046


Serenity of mind, since 1954
Saffron Insurance has been providing individuals of East Anglia with peace, relaxation and protection of mind for over sixty years. Helpful, experienced and skilled, using an extensive knowledge of the area, staff are focused on supply the maximum standards of client support. As company retention rates are operating at over 90%, a service certainly recognized by many.

Why would you go somewhere else?


Local service, national presence
We’re members of Brokerbility, which will be a national network of specialist independent agents operating to better rates for all our customers and supply particular products.

Jointly, we put over £500 million of insurance insurance costs every year. Making us one of the greatest, most powerful broking groups in the united states. Our account provides us an existence that is national, just together with the personal service only a true impartial broker can provide.

From person enterprises to established concerns

Family kit or sole-trader, white collar company or industrial concern that is medium-sized, whatever the dimensions as well as nature of the business enterprise, you have one thing in common. People are your best asset.

With years of expertise in providing skilled, qualified advice advice on how best to safeguard you and your workers, we’re perfectly placed to assist. We know what’s suitable for you, whether it’s cover for business travel, accidents or illness, and because we perform with customers over the longer-term we can match your ever changing insurance requirements nowadays, tomorrow and to the near future.

Property, inventory or machinery

It’s vital you have the insurance in position to protect your company assets. Whether it’s property, stock or machinery, we first have to understand the way that it functions and your business. Assembly face-to-face, we’ll review these resources and also make our suggestion. We’ll propose a solution if we could include value to your own existing insurance arrangements. If perhaps not, we’ll state thus.

The road to mo Re flexible cover

Whether you’re handling a pool of vehicles worth a couple thousand lbs or a fleet worth millions, you must ensure workers are authorised to push, each vehicle is accurately coated, and that you can a DD or remove automobiles from your policy to correspond with the ever changing needs of your business.

With regards to choosing the provider that is best, we’re happy to level you in the path that is right. Helping you include and locate one which provides a robust, plan that is adaptable permitting you to decrease motorist restrictions and remove vehicles as when your company requires.

Fireplace or flooding, how are you fixed?

In the case of a fire or flood, might your business manage to pay wages utilities or any other standing charges without any earnings? Ideally, you’d move into a short-term area while your permanent bar or nightclub was being fixed, but nevertheless, it might simply take months before that property is rebuilt, and stock, machines and equipment fixed or changed.

What may possibly come as a comfort then is knowing you have the top insurance products offered to minimise any set backs for your business caused by potential disasters such as flood or hearth. It’s help and this reassurance that people are able to offer you.


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