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Sky Phone Number - 08700420389


Contact Sky  Customer Services by calling 08717890840 at 13p/min plus access charge, or use their their own phone number 3300412639.

Sky Telephone Number / Customer Services Number – 08700420389

This website is a telephone directory/call routing service and is not in any way affiliated with any of the business entities listed.
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Sky supplies television and broadband internet providers, fixed line and mobile telephone services to companies and consumers in the UK. It is the UK’s largest pay-Television broadcaster with 11 million customers by 2015. It was the UK’s many popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Free View in April 2007.[2] Its corporate headquarters are situated in Isleworth.

Created in November 1990 from the identical merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television, BSkyB became the digital subscription television business that was ’s largest that was UK. Following BSkyB’s 2014 purchase of Sky Italia along with a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc.The United Kingdom procedures also changed the business name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Restricted, nonetheless trading as Sky.

Sky UK Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary with its business directors that are current being Taylor and Andrew Griffith. Griffith functions as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) along with the Managing Director for the business businesses department.

Plc is a British satellite broadcasting, on demand internet streaming broadband, media and phone services firm with headquarters in London. It’s operations in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Sky is leading media business and biggest and largest pay-TV broadcaster, with 21 million subscribers and 30,000 employees as of 2015

Initially formed in 1990 from the equal merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television, BSkyB became the Britain’s largest.


What’s occurring to my present broadband as well as home phone services now?

Rest assured, for the time being your broadband service and support may remain precisely the sam e.
How much will me bill for the Sky services that are new?

Please remember, no Thing is transforming right away, for now you’ll continue to get precisely the same support at the price you pay nowadays. And, you’ll account continue to get any routine month-to-month reductions on your own home telephone or broadband.

Right now, we’re working through the costs for all of our new customers, so we are able to offer the best possible bundle to beginning after this year at the most acceptable price when you move over to every one of you. We’ll be in contact well in advance of your transfer to tell you all about your new Sky package(s) and prices and what your choices are.

Who can I con Tact?

It’s possible for you to keep on to contact O 2 and BE Customer Services in the exact same way you do today.
suppose that I ‘ve a problem with my broadband?

Merely con-Tact O2 and BE Customer Services in precisely the same way you do today.
If I’m currently a Sky client what do I do?

Sky customer services can be contacted by you in exactly the way you do today for the providers you already have with Sky. You can even keep on to really go to to view your consideration and for additional help along with the Sky Help Forum. For just about any providers which you had with O-2 you ought to continue to contact them in the exact same manner you do today.
Will I still obtain my present discount?

Is Sports offered to watch on additional providers?
Yes, Sky Sports can be obtained on BT, Virgin Press, Talk Discuss. Get in touch together with your supplier for additional info. (Mo-Re)

Where can I download the newest Score Centre program?
You are able to down-load the Score Centre app on your own Apple device on Yahoo Perform on your Android apparatus or on the App Store.

Can there be a charge to utilize the brand new Score Centre program?
The program comes at no extra cost with all the Sky Sports package.

No Thing alters for for now you and right now ’ll continue to profit from home phone accounts and-or any regular monthly discounts on your broad Band.

If I move to Skies Speak can I nonetheless retain my telephone number?

You ’ll be capable of maintain exactly the same number.

How to generate a Sky Bing Mail consideration?
To produce a Sky Ya-Hoo Mail account, first you are required to really have a Sky identity, for your email address will be made up by this. Should you have to get a fresh Sky I D, refer to the Create Sky I-D site to get added details on how best to achieve that. In case you have an existing Sky ID previously, visit and click on ‘Email’ at the top. Set in your Sky identity and password to log in. You are going to be asked to acknowledge their stipulations because it’ll be your very first time to sign into Sky Google Mail. You may even be asked to contain some additional information like your birth date. Once you’ve input the information that is required, select ‘Affirm’, and you are going to be aimed to your own Sky Google Mail carton.

May I signal up for one more Sky Yahoo Email consideration?
Yes, you can set an additional Sky Google Mail accounts making use of your Sky ID up.

Why do I obtain a mistake message that says “Quota Exceeded” when sending a contact?
It means you have previously exceeded the maximum variety of messages you can deliver per day, in the event that you get this type of mistake information. You have to wait 2-4 hrs for this limitation to clear.





You can find the Sky on their official Youtube Social Profile / Channel:


Address  Head Office – Sky Business Grant Way Isleworth Middlesex TW7 5QD
 Official Website
 To Join Sky
0843 504 7160
 Sales Enquiries 0800 151 2747
 Billing enquiries 0870 183 0601

More Sky Contact Phone Numbers(0800, 0344, 0870, 0333,0843)

Sky TV – Telephone Number 0800 151 2747
Sky Talk – Telephone Number 0800 151 2747
Sky Broadband – Telephone Number 0800 151 2747
Sky – For Upgrade Enquiries 0344 241 1653
Sky – Sales – Telephone Number 0800 151 2747
Sky – New Installations 0800 151 2747
Sky – Report Faults 0344 241 1653
Sky – Contact/Request Engineer 0344 241 4141
Sky – To Downgrade Service 0344 241 0266
Sky – Customer Service Number 0870 183 0601
Sky – Service Cancellations 0333 202 2135
To Join Sky 0843 504 7160

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