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Surecover Insurance Phone Number - 0871 789 9326

0871 789 9326

Contact the Surecover Insurance Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 0871 789 9326 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 1217412910 .

Surecover Insurance Telephone Number / Customer Services Number



First Floor,
Number Severn,
Clarendon Place,
Leamington Spa,
CV32 5QL


Our Insurance is a traditional insurance brokerage that offers excellent service with products that are competitive. Our insurance believes in the personal contact and we appreciate that each threat differs and by tailoring insurance policies to individual needs is a vital element of our business.

Please contact the team at SURE COVER insurance today and we’ll be more than pleased to discuss all your insurance needs.


Making Your Company Safe

Positive Cover Insurance, commercial Insurance

Shielding Your Company Whether you have owned your company or are just starting out, it’s always crucial to make sure you’re shielding your company. Obtaining insurance and the correct protection in place is essential to help keep your company constantly moving.

Protecting Your Business

Whether you are just beginning or have owned your business, it is obviously critical to ensure you’re shielding your company.

Obtaining the right protection and insurance in place is vital to maintain your organization always moving forward. Even in hard or difficult times.

Read to find out a few of the methods to help keep your company protected.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is something that not many businesses think of, but should. Many companies rely on information and servers to run their company. But few think regarding the result if something were to occur like hacking or harm to data or systems.

This could set an organization back fiscally and also put them at risk for breaking the security of private data.

Loss or damage to data or applications

Disruption or financial loss to the company on account of network downtime
Theft of electronic or equipment theft
Threats from third parties to damage or release info unless specified money
Customer telling prices in the case of a security or privacy violation

Public Indebtedness

Public obligation is just not for every company. But if your workers or you have regular interaction with customers or members of the public then it is a critical variable.

For small-scale businesses, if they usually do not have the right protection in position, one claim can wipe them out completely.

Employee Insurance

Maintaining your workers protected and safe is the most important factor of your business.

Whether they are out driving on the roads or sitting in a office, making sure they have been protected should be a number one priority.

Employee liability insurance covers you if your worker becomes ill or is hurt as an outcome of working for you and is a requirement. Not having this insurance in place can lead into a fine. Learn more here.

Irrespective of liability insurance there are other types of insurance you can offer workers to help keep them safe or as an extra perk of the occupation.

At Positive Cover we provide a broad selection of distinct commercial insurance. We discuss your individual needs to make certain we can match you to the perfect merchandise.

10 Driving Offences You Didn’t Understand About

Every motorist understands the fundamental driving offences such as not making use of your phone while driving, speeding, not have insurance or valid MOT, driving with no seat belt as well as the list continues on.

Many drivers commit other offences every day along with these, some even finishing within their automobile being impound or using a significant fine.

Nevertheless there are also a great many other driving offences without understanding they are breaking what the law states which people carry out every day.

We give you ten driving offences without understanding you might be breaking the law that you simply could be committing every day:

Headlights are to be flashed ONLY to let someone know you are there. They are not let to be utilized depict some other messages or to intimidate individuals.

A motorist has in order to read number plates in daylight from 20 metres away.
Although all of US understand it is prohibited to use your phone while driving, many don’t understand it is also illegal to use it when in standstill traffic or at a red light. It’s also prohibited to utilize it when you are in charge of a student driver.
On motorways unless you’re overtaking another vehicle you’re only supposed to remain in the left hand lane. You will find fines in place in the event you stay in a mid or fast lane with no need.
It’s an offence to change your name or address without notifying the DVLA if you are a license holder.
Smoking is prohibited when someone under the age of 18 is present in an enclosed vehicle that was private.
You’re not allowed to work with your horn between 11:30pm and 7am in residential areas. Additionally it can only just be properly used when your vehicle is going and in a dangerous position.
In the event that you park outside of a committed zone you cannot park contrary to the stream of traffic. Unless it’s a parking zone that was given also no parking is allowed within ten metres of a corner.

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