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TICKET MASTER UK - 08700424671


Contact the Ticket Master Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 08717890842 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 01614257563.

Ticket Master Telephone Number / UK Customer Services Number/ Direct Alternative Number

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About Ticket Master

Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. is initially an American ticket sales (primary ticket outlet) and supply company based in West Hollywood, California, with operations in many states around the world. In 2010 it unified with Live Nation (events promoter) to become Live Nation Entertainment. At Ticketmaster’s US ticket sales for US places are executed as a primary ticket outlet two main fulfillment centers located in Charleston West Virginia, and Pharr, Texas. Typically, Ticketmaster’s clients (promoters) control their affairs, and Ticketmaster functions as an agent, selling the tickets the customers make available to them.

Ticketmaster sold Paciolan to Comcast Spectacor in 2010. In January 2009, Ticketmaster got a UK ticket exchange site, Getmein is a ticket exchange website which allows sellers to list.

Ticketing support of place renovation, Ticket Resales, Ticket Sales, technology, Marketing, Supply of event tickets and data

Ticketmaster is a Live Nation Entertainment, Inc firm.

Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE-LYV) is the largest live entertainment business in the world, consisting of five companies: concert promotion and site operations, sponsorship, ticketing options, e commerce and artist management. Live Nation seeks to innovate and improve the entertainment experience that’s live for artists and enthusiasts: before, during and following the show.

In 2009, Live Nation advertised, partnered concerts 21,000 with 850 sponsors and averaged sold 140 million tickets 25 million unique monthly users of its e commerce websites. For additional information, visit

Ticketmaster’s family of firms that are ticketing includes:

TicketWeb is the top supplier of web-based services and box office ticketing programs. The Company ‘s proprietary system, TicketWeb 2.0, empowers sites or occasion advocates of any size to log in over the internet and, using only a web browser, perform the full range of box office processes. TicketWeb is a wholly-owned department of Ticketmaster.

GET ME IN! Is a top UK based online ticket marketplace focused on exchange and the resale of event tickets that are live. Based in London and employing over 40 folks, the company was started in 2003. They will have also launched sites in Germany along with the Netherlands. You may get additional information about GET ME IN! or see their site at

Since beginning in May 1998, has established itself as the marketplace leader in internet ticket buying in the united kingdom. The website provides fast and secure real-time access 24-hours daily to consumers to the extensive assortment of tickets for music, theatre, performing arts, sports, and attractions of Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster may also be a founding member of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers), a London-based trade group that ensures quality and honest business practices for the live event ticketing industry.

It is possible to locate more information on the Ticket Master website:

and their Youtube channel:

Postal Addresses

Sevendale House
7 Dale Street
M1 1JA

Ticketmaster Customer Services
PO Box 798
M60 1WU


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Ticket Master Telephone Number

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