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Topsail Insurance Phone Number - 0871 976 8019

0871 976 8019

Contact the Topsail Insurance Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 0871 976 8019 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 1273573727 .

Topsail Insurance Telephone Number / Customer Services Helpline Number



4-6 Octagon Offices, Waterfront,
Brighton Marina,
East Sussex,


Tel: +44 (0) 1273 57 37 27
Fax: +44 (0) 1273 67 92 6

Email: [email protected]


Topsail Insurance since that time has supplied specialist Yacht Insurance and Motorboat Insurance to a worldwide marine community and was established in 1996.

Topsail specialise in Long distance and Blue Water Cruising insurance for craft based and cruising in the UK, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Pacific Areas, South East Asia, Australasia and have even insured boats undertaking voyages to the Antarctic and North West Passage.


What’s the Extra or Deductible?
-Deductible or an excess is the amount you must cover every incident when a claim is made by you. You must meet the price of it in case the loss is less compared to the amount of the surplus then.

What is Excess Waiver cover?
-You might get the opportunity to get Extra Waiver Cover for one more premium. The surplus or deductible will not be payable in the case of a claim, if bought.

Am I entitled to any No Claims Discount or Bonus?
-Each year without making an insurance claim that you are covered, you get a No Claims Discount applied to the following year. This could be transferred from an earlier insurer, or built up yearly. If transferring from a different insurance company, you might be asked for signs of your no claims discount. A number of our insurance companies will simply provide a maximum 20% entitlement, although the maximum no claims bonus entitlement is 25%.

If I got a claim, what happens to my no claims discount?
-In case you own a claim through the policy period then your no claims discount will build up each year you happen to be free and will revert to nil.

What happens to my no claims discount if I possess a claim and it’s also not my fault?
-Initially, in case a claim has been paid it’ll still change your no claims discount until such time as a successful recovery from the 3rd party is got. We will subsequently reinstate your no claims discount to the same stage that it was before the loss.

-Yes, when you really have the maximum no claims discount, we may give you the choice to protect your no claims discount, which means that subject to payment of the additional premium, even if a claim is made you WOn’t lose your no claims bonus.

Does my policy cover lightning strikes?
-Yes, our yacht coverages do cover damage or the loss resulting from lightening strikes.

I wish to charter out my boat, are you able to cover me?
-Yes, we may be able to extend our yacht policies to cover the vessel whilst under Skipper Charter and Bareboat Charter. Please contact the office to go over your requirements.

Just how do I make a claim?
-If your claim arises, on how to produce a claim all of the information are found in your Certificate of Insurance or Policy documentation. If in doubt please contact the office and we’ll provide a claims form to you, and will support you in making your claim.

Our policies are designed to accommodate the needs of the sailing community, offering flexible and complete cover for international and local sailing.
Policies are issued on an agreed value basis, so out what you insured the boat for, in the big event of a claim you’ll be paid.

We offer £3 million Third Party Liability as normal, up to 25% No Claims Bonus (with the substitute for shield) and also the alternative of an excess/deductible waiver on some coverages, which means that you’ll not pay an excess/deductible in case of a claim – you will be paid out up to the sum insured on the policy schedule.

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