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Versatile Insurance Phone Number - 0871 976 6332

0871 976 6332

Contact the Versatile Insurance Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 0871 976 6332 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 1837658955 .

Versatile Insurance Telephone Number / Customer Services Number



Bridge House, 25 Fore Street, Okehampton EX20 1DL

Okehampton office (Head Office generally deals with the construction industry)
T: 01837 658955 E: [email protected]

Aaduki Multimedia (generally deals with photographers and video makers)
T: 01837 658880 E: [email protected]


Specialist Insurance Services

We’re a specialist provider of insurance products planning to give a service that is personal to corporate and individual clients.

We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore are filed under amount 314301.
Versatile Insurance Professionals Ltd (VIP) was formed after the management buy out of the overall insurance department of Anchorman Insurance Consultants Ltd, who have been formed in 1998.

We’re proud of the fact that our renewal retention is exceptionally due to competitive premiums and high standards in service.
Fast service

New customers of ours are pleased to find a insurance specialist that is friendly and fast. Challenging to complicated risks or place insurance enquires do take longer but we shall consistently estimate expectations and realistic response times.

Total use is made from the latest technology where possible, or great, old fashioned skilled negotiation with the underwriters that were best accessible, when human interaction is demanded.
Capable staff and management

The Managing Director is Ray Colenutt (DipCII) and he’s over 30 years expertise in insurance broking and directs an experienced and knowledgeable team of staff.

Previous roles have included being the managing director of a branch supervisor, a leading personal lines insurance broker in Exeter and region trainer of a sizable national insurance agent plus, of course, general insurance manager at Anchorman.

All of our consultants must either have at least 5 years insurance experience or study to get a qualification From Your Chartered Insurance Institute before they are allowed to propose clients.

In July 2001, Darryl Probert left a big national insurance broker to join Anchorman Insurance Consultants Ltd (one of the leading providers of professional indemnity insurance) to create their media insurances section.

Darryl 20 years of insurance experience, most of which he’s spent dealing exclusively with all the photographic, video and broader media industry over. Darryl and his team provides a friendly, educated, expert and professional service to all customers, old and new.
Progressive Web Site

Darryl bought the fast growing office from Anchorman Insurance and unified it. Only 2 years after, Aaduki was already recognised as truly one of the key suppliers of insurance to photographers and video makers. The innovative website at supplies instantaneous quotations to professionals and hobbyists for equipment, professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Darryl is keen to develop Aaduki Multimedia Insurance into the media insurance provider that is top by raising the selection of products offered and the amount of suppliers used and continues to be at the front line of the business to handle customers. He has contacts through the media and insurance businesses and heads an expanding team of staff.

New products in the pipeline include policies for journalists, musicians and web designers.
Exclusive Products

The majority of our products are exclusively available through Aaduki Multimedia and we’re capable to provide you with an efficient service that is second to none. Generally in most cases we clarify any queries you might have over the phone and could offer you a citation.

You’ll not experience the delays in receiving your policy documentation that is now linked with many insurance companies today, as we deal with all the paperwork in house.
We’re the approved insurance providers to members of top trade associations offering their members preferential conditions and terms.

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